T4 DNA Ligase and Quick buffer

T4 DNA ligase is often used to catalyze the ligation of double-stranded DNA ends or complementary cohesive ends, and also catalyzes the linkage between the double-stranded RNA 5'- phosphate terminal and the 3'-hydroxyl terminus. It is also possible to repair single strand breaks in double stranded DNA, RNA, or the single strand breaks in DNA/RNA hybrid double strands. All the above reactions are required to consume ATP.

Reaction system

Component Volume(μL)
2×Quick Buffer 5.0
Vector DNA A
Fragment DNA B
Enzyme 0.5~1.0
ddH2O Up to 10 μL

Reaction conditions

(1)Cohesive-ended connection:Reaction at 25℃ for 10~15 min;
(2)Blunt-ended connection:Reaction at 25℃ for 30~40 min;
(3)Cohesive-ended connection/Blunt-ended connection:Reaction at 25℃ for 120 min.

Product specification

Product names Catalog Number Specification Price
T4 DNA Ligase CL06020 20 T $25
2×Quick Buffer $25
T4 DNA Ligase CL06050 50 T $50
2×Quick Buffer $50
T4 DNA Ligase CL06100 100 T $90
2×Quick Buffer $90

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