DL5000 DNA Marker

The product is composed of a specific molecular weight of the double-stranded DNA fragments which has been mixed with the loading buffer,and is suitable for gel electrophoresis as a DNA molecular weight standard. All the fragments in this product were obtained by digestion and purification. Therefore, the bands are more clear,dense, accurate and true. In 5μL of this product, 1000bp DNA fragments are 100ng, and the others are 50ng.


(1) This product does not need to be heated,and just add 5μL sample to agarose gel wells directly.
(2) Recommended electrophoresis conditions are 1 × TAE buffer, 0.8-2.0% agarose gel,and 4-10V / cm between the positive and negative electrode.
(3) This product has been added xylenecyanol and bromophenol blue electrophoretic indicator. If 1% agarose gel is used, the position of the xylenecyanol stripe is about 2kb and the position of the bromophenol blue strip is about 400bp.
(4) Use EB or other dye staining after electrophoresis, observed electrophoresis band under the UV lamp.

Storage Condition

-20 ℃ preservation; melted at 4 ℃ preservation; avoid freezing and thawing repeatedly.

Product Specifications

Product names Catalog Number Specification Price
DL5000 DNA Maker DM05020 100μL(20T) $10
10×DNA Loading Buffer 200μL $10
DL5000 DNA Maker DM05040 200μL(40T) $16
10×DNA Loading Buffer 400μL $16
DL5000 DNA Maker DM05100 500μL(100T) $30
10×DNA Loading Buffer 1000μL $30

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