2×GenRec Recombinant Kit

The GenRec Assembly Master Mix Kit is a simple, fast and efficient multifragment DNA determination cloning products, this kit can be used to clone the PCR product directly to any site of any vector. Linearizing the vector at the cloning site and to introduce linear cloning vector terminal sequence to the blocks PCR products 5' and 3 'terminal.So that the terminal of the PCR products 5' and 3 'of the insert were respectively aligned with the both ends of the linearized cloning vector (20 bp to 40 bp).The PCR products with the vector terminal sequence at both ends and the linearized cloning vector were mixed in a certain proportion. Under the catalysis of the recombinase, the reaction was carried out for 20-50 min to complete the directional cloning. Cloning positive rate can reach 90% or more.Kit of 2×GenRec Assembly Master Mix mixes the recombinase and the buffer required for the recombinant reaction and adds a special ingredient,can significantly improve the efficiency of recombinant cloning and can achieve 3-5 fragments sequential splicing at a time.
The optimum reaction temperature of the enzyme is 55 ℃.The product is transportsed by ice bags and must be stored at -20 ℃

Principle of cloning

Product Specificition

Product names Catalog Number Specification Price
2×GenRec Recombinant kit CL08010 10 T $145
CL08020 20 T $240
CL08050 50 T $460

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