TEV Protease (His Tag)

TEV Protease (Tobacco etch virus protease )is a recombinant protease derived from the Tobacco etch virus (TEV) Nla, which is used to remove the affinity labeling of the purified fusion protein.TEV Protease has a strong site specificity, which can identify the seven amino acid sequences of EXXYXQ (G/S). The most common is ENLYFQG, the cutting site is between glutamine and glycine or serine.The enzyme is active over a wide range of pH 5.5-8.5 and 4-30 ℃, so that the choice of reaction conditions can be modified depending on the protein of interest. The TEV Protease produced by GeneUniversal. is a recombinant protease from E. coli expression after affinity purification. TEV Protease contains polypeptide label, which can be removed by affinity chromatography after the enzymatic reaction has been completed.

Preservation condition

Long-term storage at -80 ℃, can be stored for 2 years; or a small amount of packaging stored at -20 ℃, can be stored for 6 months, avoid repeating freezing and thawing.,

Operational approach

1、Configurate the following reaction system in the EP tube:
Fusion protein:1mg
TEV Protease:10U
2、Incubate at suitable temperature after mixing the above reaction system.. It is recommended that the reaction conditions of enzyme digestion is recommended at 4℃ overnight.
3、After the enzyme digestion, a small amount of samples can be selected for SDS-PAGE analysis.If you need to remove the TEV Protease in the reaction system after the enzyme digestion,using histidine tags purification resin affinity chromatography .

Product specification

Product names Catalog Number Specification Price
TEV Protease MT01050 50U $16
MT01250 250U $70
MT01550 500U $120

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