Custom Oligo Synthesis

Gene Universal has the state-of-the-art high-throughput oligo synthesizers and offers a wide range of oligo synthesis services. Each oligo is meticulously monitored during synthesis and controlled according to our stringent quality standards. Our price is the most competitive in industry. You can always find a better price from us without sacrificing quality and service.

Product Final Scale Length Price
10 nmole DNA oligo 10 nmole 5-60 bases $ 0.20 / base
25 nmole DNA oligo 25 nmole 5-60 bases $ 0.30 / base
50 nmole DNA oligo 50 nmole 5-60 bases $ 0.40 / base
100 nmole DNA oligo 100 nmole 5-60 bases $ 0.55 / base
250 nmole DNA oligo 250 nmole 5-60 bases $ 0.9 / base
1 umole DNA oligo 1 umole 5-60 bases  Inquiry

Standard Deliverables:

- Ready for shipping in 1-2 business days

- Dry powder or in solution at specified concentrations

- Certificate of Analysis (COA)

Competitive Advantages

  • High quality

    In accordance with the high
    QC standards for oligos

  • High Throughput

    We specialize in high-throughput
    plate and pool synthesis

  • Fast Delivery

    Most oligos ready to ship within
    24 hours

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