Site-directed Mutagenesis

Site-directed mutagenesis introduces changes to DNA fragments by PCR mutagenesis, including deletion, insertion and point mutation, to enable studies of gene regulation, DNA-protein interactions, protein structure/function, enzyme active sites and novel protein.Your time is valuable,and please spend it on research,just design the mutation projects and submit to Gene Universal,we will deliver you the mutant constructs with 100% accuracy.


  • -100% accuracy: Mutant constructs are sequence-verified via Sanger sequencing .
  • -Unlimited Sites: With our sophisticated gene synthesis and mutagenesis technology, Gene Universal can introduce mutations at any site.
  • -Most Competitive Prices starting from $99/mutant.
  • Service Descriptions

    We highly recommend you to choose our mutagenesis bundled with gene synthesis service.
    What we need for your custom DNA template?
  • -Ship us your DNA template plasmid as starting material. 4 μg of template DNA as the starting material is recommended. If the starting material is bacterial culture, please send the culture at sufficient amount.
  • -The complete sequence of the template including the target gene and its vector.
  • -Mutation specifications.
  • -Maps and antibiotic resistance of the template and destination vectors.
  • Service Procedure

    Service Options

    Length Mutated Site EDT Price
    < 3000 bp One 5-8 Business Days $99/mutation
    Two 10-14 Business Days $149/mutation
    Three 15-20 Business Days $199/mutation
    3000 bp-8000 bp One 5-8 Business Days $129/mutation
    Two 10-14 Business Days $179/mutation
    Three 15-20 Business Days $229/mutation
    > 8000 bp One Inquiry Inquire
    Two Inquiry Inquire
    Three Inquiry Inquire
    One mutation is defined as any combination of base changes within a 30-base frame.

    Standard Deliverables:

    - 1tube of 5 μg of lyophilized plasmid containing target gene.
    - Sequence chromatograms covering your gene (electronic).
    - Construct map for the plasmid (electronic).
    - Quality assurance certificate.

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