2×GPV8 High Fidelity DNA Polymerases Mix

Any other DNA polymerase can not match the performance of GPV8 HF DNA Polymerase. GPV8 HF DNA Polymerase has a mismatch ratio 50 times lower than Taq DNA polymerase, 6 times lower than Pfu,and is the best fidelity thermal stability polymerase,which makes it the first choice for cloning or other high-fidelity experiments.For researchers, this means convenience and credibility.In addition, compared to other enzymes ,GPV8 super-fidelity DNA polymerase can be more produced by fewer enzymes .The 2×GPV8 HF Polymerase Master produced by GeneUniversal is a kind of new products, which contains plenty of GPV8 HF DNA Polymerase, dNTPs Mixture, Polymerase reaction composition, enzyme protection components.When used, only the PCR amplification template and corresponding primers are needed to be added, and then use ddH2O to fill the reaction system, which greatly reduces the operation time and brings convenience to the research.


  • High fidelity (mismatch rate in the GPV8 HF buffer is 4.4 × 10-7)
  • Short extension time (approx. 15s/kb)
  • Powerful, with minimal optimization
  • Less enzyme, higher yield
  • Shortened operating time
  • Using references

    Product specification

    Product names Catalog Number Specification Price
    2×GPV8 HF DNA Polymerase Master PE06010 1mL $20
    PE06030 3mL $50
    PE06050 5mL $80

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