GeneUniversal's GeneFragments are double-stranded, linear DNA fragments, or gene blocks, which can be used for a variety of research applications due to the faster delivery time, more economical price, and greater flexibility. Our GeneFragments could be shipped in only a few working days which are for affordable and easy gene construction or modification, applications such as metabolic pathway assembly, gene variants, virus/disease research and more. Our GeneFragment will be provided in a lyophilized tube which can be easily re-suspended, cloned, and screened to identify the correct clone for downstream applications.


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GeneFragments Service Advantages

  • Cloning Accuracy:More than 90% of the recombinant colonies from cloning GeneFragments are correct.
  • Reliable Delivery Service: Gene Universal is able to deliver your gene fragments within the promised timeline.
  • High Quality:Our gene fragments leading the highest cloning success rate and lowest error rate in the market.
  • Superior Customer Service: Our Ph.D.-level project managers ensure that every single project is well managed.
  • Economical: Cost-effective to meet your strict budget constraints, starting at just $36 / fragment.
  • Length(bp) Price EDT
    150-500 $79 2–4 Business Days
    501-750 $99
    751-1000 $129 3–5 Business Days
    1001-1250 $179 5–8 Business Days
    1251-1500 $229
    1501-1750 $259
    1751-2000 $269

    *Only sequences with overall GC content between 20% and 70% qualify for GeneFragments service. GC/AT rich or sequences with complex repeats do not qualify.

    *For batch orders, additional 1-2 business days is expected to add to completion time.

    *Production time is calculated in business days.

    *Orders placed before 12:00PM EST (on business days) will be considered ordered on the same day.

    *For international order shipping inquiries, please contact us directly.

    Standard Deliverables:

    500 ng of lyophilized double-stranded DNA

    Quality Assurance Certificate:Gel Analysis

    Why Choose Gene Universal?

    After synthesizing 1 billion DNA base pairs,Gene Universal is confident to help scientists find better solutions for their gene synthesis projects. Just tell us your project plan, our PhD-level experts will assist you to choose the most economical and high-efficient portfolio of gene synthesis service.

    Customer Testimonial

    "The service from GeneUnivesal is awesome: the process was smooth and it was easy to get access to their friendly customer service. The gene synthesis service was faster than we expected and saved us considerable expense. In addition, the plasmids mutations service helped us a lot on verifying the functional sites of the protein that we were interested in. I am so impressed with their service and I would recommend GeneUniversal services to my colleagues."

    — Dr. Mingming Sun, University of Wyoming, USA

    "Gene Universal custom gene synthesis is exactly as described, no errors, great price!! I have used this service to create full, functional coding sequences for many genes -- no more fussing with large PCR products and cDNA. Fast synthesis, reliable products, and great customer service. 10/10. "

    — Dr. Tyler A. Square, UC-Berkeley

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