Gene Universal, located in Delaware USA, is a pioneer in the field of gene synthesis. As a leading company in genomics research and applied biological technology, Gene Universal has strong technical force. With unparalleled customized service and fast delivery time, we are aiming to provide more cost-effective service and product to accelerate the global research in drug discovery, biology optimization, food and agriculture and so on.

Gene Universal is specialized in the area of genetic engineering, biosystem engineering and synthetic biology. By providing our industrialized and high-intensive gene synthesis platform and using leading technology, we could deliver both normal and complex genes in a short time. We have also developed sophisticated software programs to design and optimize complex gene libraries and genetic systems. With these bioinformatics tools and our high-efficiency production management, we are able to satisfy scientific researchers with efficient, low-cost, large-scale synthesis, gene assembly  and genome.

Meanwhile, we have developed a variety of recombinant protein platforms. Based on five expression systems: bacterial expression, mammalian expression(293 & CHO), yeast expression, insect expression and bacillus subtilis expression system, we have become the one-stop vendor for over 2000 customers world wide in gene synthesis, protein expression, and antibody production services.

Our long term goal is to become the global leader in DNA synthesis and synthetic area, and to achieve the prosperous prospects of making research in life science more efficient, production cost of biologic industry lower.

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