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Gene Synthesis has been a reliable,efficient and cost-effective method for getting customized DNA constructs. De novo gene synthesis is becoming the most commonly used procedure for getting nucleic acids where no template is available. Combined with the development of Bioinformatics and proper codon optimization algorithms, higher levels of recombinant protein expression can be achieved. It’s now a powerful molecular biology tool for researchers all over the world.

As a leader in synthetic biology and gene synthesis technology, with the world's top-level expert team, most advanced equipment, and sophisticated gene design and optimization software, Gene Universal can synthesize genes of any length and complexity. We can synthesize and clone any DNA sequences (GC/AT rich sequences, repeated sequences, large sequences, toxic sequences,etc.) into any vectors required. Genes up to 3,000 bp can be synthesized in 2 weeks.Your time is valuable,let Gene Universal assist you with your research. Just design your DNA sequences and submit them to us, Gene Universal will deliver them with 100% accuracy as ordered within the promised time.


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Customer Testimonial

  • "The service from GeneUnivesal is awesome: the process was smooth and it was easy to get access to their friendly customer service. The gene synthesis service was faster than we expected and saved us considerable expense. In addition, the plasmids mutations service helped us a lot on verifying the functional sites of the protein that we were interested in. I am so impressed with their service and I would recommend GeneUniversal services to my colleagues."

    —— Dr. Mingming Sun,

    University of Wyoming, USA

  • "Gene Universal custom gene synthesis is exactly as described, no errors, great price!! I have used this service to create full, functional coding sequences for many genes -- no more fussing with large PCR products and cDNA. Fast synthesis, reliable products, and great customer service. 10/10. "

    —— Dr. Tyler A. Square,



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