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As a pioneering force in synthetic biology, equipped with a world-class team of experts, cutting-edge technology, and advanced gene design software, Gene Universal excels in synthesizing genes of any length and complexity. We possess the capability to synthesize and clone DNA sequences of various types, including GC/AT-rich, repeated, large, and toxic sequences, into any required vectors.

Your time is valuable, and we are here to streamline your research process. Simply design your DNA sequences and submit them to us. Gene Universal guarantees 100% accurate delivery within the promised timeframe. Let us assist you in advancing your research effortlessly.

Service Procedure

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Service Details

Sequence Length Delivery Time Price
< 500bp 5 ~ 8 Business days $99/Gene
500bp ~ 1500bp 8 ~ 10 Business days $0.19/ bp
1501bp ~ 3000bp 10 ~ 14 Business days $0.19/ bp
3001bp ~ 5000bp 16 ~ 24 Business days $0.23/ bp
> 5000bp Inquire Inquire

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Vector Information

-Our standard vector is PUC57_BsaI_Free/pBlueScript II SK(+) .Synthetic genes will be cloned into this vector unless otherwise specified.

-NEW! Cloning into our in-stock vectors is free. Browse and select your vector now.

-For custom vectors, please provide the vector sequence or map. We now offer complimentary, secure storage of your custom or commercial vectors. Cloning into archived vectors is available for only $29, bundled with future gene synthesis orders.

Standard Deliverables

-2-5 µg purified, plasmid DNA with cloned insert, available in single tubes or plates (primarily for large orders).

-Plasmid map (Electronic).

-Sanger Sequencing files (Electronic).


Special notice: We guarantee that our customers' gene sequences and related information will not be released or utilized in any form.

Features & Advantages

Why Choose Gene Universal?

Having synthesized 1 billion DNA base pairs, Gene Universal is well-equipped to assist scientists in finding optimal solutions for their gene synthesis projects. Share your project plan, and our team of PhD-level experts will assist you in selecting the most cost-effective and efficient portfolio for your needs.

  • Cost-effective

    Up to 50% off, No Minimum Order

    Free Codon Optimization

    Enhance Gene Expression

  • 99%+ Success Rate

    100,000+ Projects Delivered Worldwide

    Fast Delivery

    Genes <3kb Delivered in 2 Weeks

  • FREE Cloning

    FREE Cloning on Standard Vectors + $29 for Custom Vectors

    Exceptional Project Management

    24-Hour Response Time Guaranteed

  • Complimentary 3-Year Backup Storage

    100% Sequence Accuracy Guarantee

Customer Testimonial

  • "The service from GeneUnivesal is awesome: the process was smooth and it was easy to get access to their friendly customer service. The gene synthesis service was faster than we expected and saved us considerable expense. In addition, the plasmids mutations service helped us a lot on verifying the functional sites of the protein that we were interested in. I am so impressed with their service and I would recommend GeneUniversal services to my colleagues."

    —— Dr. Mingming Sun,University of Wyoming, USA

  • "Gene Universal custom gene synthesis is exactly as described, no errors, great price!! I have used this service to create full, functional coding sequences for many genes -- no more fussing with large PCR products and cDNA. Fast synthesis, reliable products, and great customer service. 10/10. "

    —— Dr. Tyler A. Square,UC-Berkeley

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