Site-directed Mutagenesis
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Site-directed mutagenesis introduces changes to DNA fragments by PCR mutagenesis, including deletion, insertion and point mutation, to enable studies of gene regulation, DNA-protein interactions, protein structure/function, enzyme active sites and novel protein. Maximize your time for research,simply design your mutations and leave the rest to us. With Gene Universal, expect 100% accuracy in your mutant constructs, empowering your discoveries.


● 100% Accuracy: Sequence-verified mutant constructs via Sanger sequencing.

● Unlimited Sites: Introduce mutations anywhere with our advanced technology.

● Competitive Prices: Starting from $99 per mutant.

Service Descriptions

Enhance your research efficiency by partnering with us for seamless mutagenesis and gene synthesis solutions.

Here's what we need for your custom DNA template:

● DNA Template: Ship us your DNA template plasmid or bacterial culture. We recommend 4 μg of template DNA for optimal results.

● Sequence Details: Provide the complete seguence of the template, including the target gene and its vector.

● Mutation Specifications: Clearly outline your mutation requirements.

● Maps and Antibiotic Resistance: Include maps and antibiotic resistance details of both the template and destination vectors.

Service Procedure

  • Materials provided

    by customer

  • QC identification

  • Design and optimize

    the primer

  • Cloned into original

    vector or appointed vector

  • Sequencing & Validation

  • Delivery

Service Options

Length Mutated Site EDT Price
< 3000 bp One 5-8 Business Days $99/mutation
Two 10-14 Business Days $149/mutation
Three 15-20 Business Days $199/mutation
3000 bp-8000 bp One 5-8 Business Days $129/mutation
Two 10-14 Business Days $179/mutation
Three 15-20 Business Days $229/mutation
> 8000 bp One Inquiry Inquire
Two Inquiry Inquire
Three Inquiry Inquire

One mutation is defined as any combination of base changes within a 30-base frame.

Standard Deliverables

- 1tube of 5 μg of lyophilized plasmid containing target gene.

- Sequence chromatograms covering your gene (electronic).

- Construct map for the plasmid (electronic).

- Quality assurance certificate.

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