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GeneUniversal's GeneFragments are double-stranded, linear DNA fragments, or gene blocks, suitable for a wide range of research applications, offering faster delivery, cost-effectiveness, and enhanced flexibility. Shipped within a few working days, they're perfect for gene construction or modification projects. Applicable across metabolic pathway assembly, gene variants, virus/disease research, and beyond, our GeneFragments arrive in lyophilized tubes for easy re-suspension, cloning, and screening, facilitating downstream applications.


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Service Advantages

● Cloning Accuracy: >90%

● Timely Delivery: Gene Universal guarantees on-time delivery of your gene fragments.

● High-Quality: Industry-leading cloning success and minimal errors.

● Economical: Starts at $36 per fragment to meet budget constraints.

Service Details

Length(bp) Price EDT
150-500 $79 2–4 Business Days
501-750 $99
751-1000 $129
1001-1250 $179
1251-1500 $229 3–5 Business Days
1501-1750 $259
1751-2000 $269

* Limitation: GC content must be between 20% and 70%; GC/AT rich or sequences with complex repeats are not eligible.

* Batch orders: Expect +1-2 business days.

* Production time is in business days.

* Orders placed before 12:00PM EST (on business days) will be processed the same day.

* For international shipping inquiries, please contact us directly.

Standard Deliverables

500 ng lyophilized dsDNA

Quality Assurance Certificate: Gel Analysis

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