Special Offer for New and Returning Customers


Gene Universal would provide special offer for new and returning customers from North America or Singapore for a limited time.

Non-Complexity Genes

Complexity Genes

Applicable conditions:
- Offer applies to customers located in North America or Singapore only.
- Gene synthesis order must consist of ≥ 10 genes.
- Price may change depending on difficulty of genes.
- This offer is not effective in conjunction with other offers and discounts.

Gene Length Non-Complexity Genes Complexity Genes
Price EDT Price EDT
<500bp $50/gene 5-8 business days $99/gene Inquiry
501-1500bp $0.09/gene 8-12 business days $0.20/gene
1501-3000bp $0.09/gene 10-15 business days $0.20/gene
3001-5000bp $0.11/gene 15-20 business days $0.25/gene
5001-6000bp $0.14/gene 20-25 business days $0.30/gene
6001-8000bp $0.14/gene 30-35 business days $0.30/gene

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Why Choose Gene Universal?
After synthesizing 1 billion DNA base pairs , Gene Universal is confident to help scientist find better solutions for their gene synthesis projects. Just tell us your project plan, our PhD-level experts will assist you to choose the most economical and high-efficient portfolio of gene synthesis service.

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