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Mammalian cell expression system is a complex glycosylation protein expression system, transient expression in mammalian cells is especially crucial when post-translational modifications and appropriate protein folding is desired for downstream applications. It is most widely used in the development and production of recombinant protein drugs, especially for therapeutic recombinant monoclonal antibody.Gene Universal’s mammalian expression services offer rapid production and delivery of high quality proteins and recombinant antibodies (rAbs) from microgram to gram quantities in either CHO or HEK293 cells, with guaranteed protein amount and purity. We use the proprietary transient mammalian expression technology to modify cellular pathways to achieve optimal protein and antibody yields (up to 3 g/L).Our guaranteed mammalian protein expression packages start with gene synthesis and sub cloning, all the way through protein expression and purification using our proprietary mammalian protein expression and purification technologies.

Service Descriptions

● One-Stop Solution-From gene to protein till antibody

● Gene synthesis is included – no additional cost

● Competitive price-Cost-effective, exactly know how much you would scale-up based on the pilot study

● Fast turnaround time-as fast as 3 weeks

● Extremely low endotoxin level: as low as 1 EU/mg

● No setup fee

● Flexibility-Provide customized package according to your requirements

Service Procedure

  • Protein


  • Gene Synthesis

  • Plasmid Prep

  • Transient Transfection

    & Expression

  • Purification & QC

  • Fast


Service Options

Mammalian system service type

Service Step Service Description Timeline Deliverables
Gene Synthesis

Codon Optimization & Gene Synthesis


Plasmid Preparation

2 to 3 weeks

Expression Plasmid Contain GOI

Purified Recombinant Protein (SDS-PAGE & SEC-HPLC Detection)

COA Report

Pilot Study

Pilot Protein Expression

Pilot Protein Purification

QC Analysis

Scale-up Production

Large-scale Protein Expression


QC Analysis

3 to 4 weeks
● Purified Recombinant Protein (SDS-PAGE & SEC-HPLC Detection)

* Package applicable for secreted proteins and extracellular domain (ECD) of membrane proteins ≤150kDa.

* QC Data: SDS-PAGE for protein purity. BCA or Bradford assay for protein concentration measurement, A280 for antibody fragment concentration.

Terms and Conditions

1. We will start the project according to your choice and will only charge the cost step by step.

2. Affinity purification, ion exchange purification, hydrophobic purification and SEC purification can be used. The expression system will affect the final protein purity and activity.

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