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In contrast to Bacterial Protein Expression, the baculovirus expression system offers numerous advantages, including enhanced solubility, the capability to introduce post-translational modifications, and increased yields for secreted proteins. Leveraging our baculovirus expression system, we tailor protocols for your custom projects and scale up to achieve optimal expression of your target protein. With its stable experimental platform, high expression levels, and post-translational modification capabilities, baculovirus expression is widely acknowledged as a potent tool for large-scale protein expression.

Service Descriptions

● Our baculovirus expression Services start with Gene Universals’codon optimization service, followed by gene synthesis and sub cloning, all the way through protein expression and purification using our bacterial protein expression system.

● Gene Universal possesses the most advanced AKTA purifier system, along with the pre-positioned Ion column, molecular sieve, hydrophobic interaction column and affinity column.

● Gene Universal’s Endotoxin Removal Service can effectively reduce the endotoxin level to under 10 EU/mg during recombinant protein production with a success rate of 98%.

Service Procedure


Service Options

Bac-to-Bac system service type

No. Service type Working day Comment
1 Gene synthesis and subcloning 10-15 pFastBac1, pFastBacHT….

Bacmid preparation ,transfection and expression evaluation

14 PCR evaluation and P1 virus preparation
3 P2 virus amplification 6 P2 virus amplification and MOI optimization
4 Small scale 8 200ml expression and purification
5 Large scale Enquiry Shaker flask/ bioreactor

Terms and Conditions

1. Flexibility in Payment: Begin your project according to your preferences, and we'll charge only for each step as it progresses, ensuring transparency and flexibility.

2. Diverse Purification Methods: Choose from affinity purification, ion exchange purification, hydrophobic purification, and SEC purification. Keep in mind that the expression system selected will impact the final protein's purity and activity, ensuring optimal outcomes tailored to your needs.

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