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Experience unparalleled protein expression efficiency with Gene Universal's specialized Pichia pastoris Expression Service. Leveraging the robust capabilities of this versatile yeast system, we offer scalable production solutions for a wide array of proteins, including those requiring intricate post-translational modifications like humanized antibodies. With our expertise in Pichia pastoris expression, we provide researchers with a reliable and streamlined platform to meet their protein expression needs. Elevate your research possibilities with Gene Universal's Pichia pastoris Expression Service.

Service Descriptions

Comprehensive Process: Our services begin with Gene Universal's codon optimization, followed by gene synthesis and subcloning, culminating in protein expression and purification using our specialized yeast protein expression system.

Proprietary Yeast Fermentation Technology: Utilizing our proprietary yeast fermentation technology, we ensure high-yield and high-quality recombinant protein production in yeast, guaranteeing reliable results for your research.

Cutting-edge Purification System: Gene Universal boasts the most advanced AKTA purifier system, equipped with pre-positioned Ion columns, molecular sieves, hydrophobic interaction columns, and affinity columns. Trust in our state-of-the-art purification infrastructure to deliver purified proteins of exceptional quality.

Service Procedure


Service Options

Yeast system service type:

No. Service type Working day Comment
1 Gene synthesis and subcloning 10-15 pPIC9K, pPICZalphaA….

Electrotransformation and PCR evaluation

7 GS115, X33, KM71…..  PCR screen 20 cloning
3 Expression test 7 10 cloning expression test
4 Small scale 10-12 200ml expression and purification
5 Large scale Enquiry Shaker flask/ Fermenter

Terms and Conditions

1. Flexibility in Payment: Begin your project according to your preferences, and we'll charge only for each step as it progresses, ensuring transparency and flexibility.

2. Diverse Purification Methods: Choose from affinity purification, ion exchange purification, hydrophobic purification, and SEC purification. Keep in mind that the expression system selected will impact the final protein's purity and activity, ensuring optimal outcomes tailored to your needs.

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