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Recombinant adenovirus (Ad) is a replication-defective adenovirus vector system. Adenovirus packaging relies on cell lines expressing E1 genes, such as HEK-293 and HEK-293A, as the adenoviral packaging is defective in the early transcription of replication genes E1 and E3 (DE1, DE3), with the E3 gene being non-essential for viral production.

The widely utilized Adenovirus vectors are predominantly derived from human adenovirus type 5 (Ad5), featuring a linear double-stranded DNA genome approximately 36 Kb in length. Ad5 vectors offer several notable advantages: they possess a broad infection range, with nearly all cell lines and tissues susceptible to infection, achieving efficiencies as high as 100%. This efficacy surpasses that of other viral vector tools and liposome transfection methods. Additionally, Ad5 vectors do not integrate their genome into host cell genes, mitigating the risks associated with gene mutation and integration. As a result, recombinant adenovirus finds extensive applications in gene therapy, fundamental life science research, and various other fields.

Gene Universal's adeasy adenovirus packaging system (Ad5 type) offers distinct advantages compared to the admax system. Notably, it facilitates easier detection of false positives of linearized plasmid recombination in the pronucleus. Additionally, the linearized adenovirus plasmid can be utilized in cell lines expressing E1, such as HEK-293 and HEK-293A. Our adenovirus vectors meet the rigorous requirements for both cell infection and in vivo experiments, ensuring reliable results for your research endeavors.


  • High infection efficiency and expression levels enable adenovirus vectors to infect nearly all types of cells.

  • High titer ensures that purified adenovirus is well-suited for in vivo experiments.

  • Ease of amplification significantly reduces costs.

  • Non-integration into the host cell genome ensures high safety.

  • Adenovirus vectors have the largest capacity among viral vectors, ideal for carrying large exogenous gene fragments.

Service Details

Scale Package Titer Turnaround Price
Medium Customized Over-expression Adenovirus (Gene ≤ 3kb) ≥ 2x1010 PFU/ml 55 BD $679
RNAi/sgRNA Adenovirus-single target(sgRNA only , no Cas9 gene) ≥ 2x1010 PFU/ml 45 BD $599
RNAi/sgRNA Adenovirus-three targets(sgRNA only, no Cas9 gene) ≥ 2x1010 PFU/ml 45 BD $1,529
sgRNA-Cas9 Adenovirus(sgRNA+Cas9) ≥ 2x1010 PFU/ml 55 BD $679
miRNA-up/down-Adenovirus ≥ 2x1010 PFU/ml 45 BD $599
Large Customized Over-expression Adenovirus (Gene ≤ 3kb) ≥ 1011 PFU/ml 60 BD $1,219
RNAi/sgRNA Adenovirus-single target(sgRNA only , no Cas9 gene) ≥ 1011 PFU/ml 50 BD $1,299
sgRNA-Cas9 Adenovirus(sgRNA+Cas9) ≥ 1011 PFU/ml 60 BD $1,449

* Listed price includes RNA synthesis. For Customized Over-expression Adenovirus, a $0.12/bp gene synthesis fee applies.

* Turnaround time includes plasmid construction and preparation.


Adenovirus packaging services

Custom Adenovirus, delivered to specification:

Medium Scale: ≥ 2x1010 PFU/ml, 1ml

Large Scale: ≥ 1011 PFU/ml, 1ml

Free: Control virus

Medium Scale: ≥ 2x1010 PFU/ml, 1ml

Large Scale: ≥ 1011 PFU/ml, 1ml

Transport/storage Dry ice/-80 ° C, avoid repeated freezing and thawing


- Adenovirus will be shipped in buffer on dry ice.

- Upon receipt, store Adenovirus at -80℃.

- Validity period: 1 year.

- Avoid repeated freezing and thawing to maintain Adenovirus titer

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