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Adeno-associated virus (AAV), part of the parvovirus family, features a single-stranded DNA genome of approximately 4.8 kb and lacks an envelope. Infectious AAV can only be produced in the host with the assistance of helper viruses such as adenovirus or herpes virus.

The recombinant adeno-associated virus vector (rAAV) utilized in research is a modified gene vector derived from the non-pathogenic wild-type AAV. AAV comprises various serotypes, distinguished primarily by their capsid proteins. These proteins interact with distinct extracellular receptor molecules, resulting in varying targeting affinities for tissues or organs. With over 12 serotypes and more than 100 variants, AAV is renowned for its high safety, low immunogenicity, and prolonged expression cycle, making it the ideal tool for in vivo studies of gene function.

Experience the excellence of Gene Universal's AAV packaging process. Utilizing a plasmid recombination system and advanced density gradient centrifugation, we concentrate and purify the virus to perfection. Our rigorous quality control ensures titers of up to 10^13 vg/ml, meeting the demands of both cell infection and in vivo experiments. Trust Gene Universal for top-tier AAV solutions that drive your research forward.


  • High Safety

    Wild-type AAV is non-pathogenic in humans, with most wild-type genome elements excluded from recombinant AAV sequences.

  • Wide Host Range

    Capable of infecting both dividing and non-dividing cells.

  • Low immunogenicity and high diffusivity.

  • Prolonged and stable expression is ensured.

  • Various serotypes with specific organ targeting.

Service Details

Scale Package Titer Turnaround Price
Medium Customized Over-expression AAV (gene ≤ 2.8 kb) ≥ 1012 vg/ml 25 BD $999
RNAi/sgRNA AAV(sgRNA only, no Cas9 gene) ≥ 1012 vg/ml 25 BD $909
miRNA-up/down-AAV ≥ 1012 vg/ml 25 BD $1,079
Large Customized Over-expression AAV (gene ≤ 2.8 kb) ≥ 1013 vg/ml 25 BD $1,979
RNAi/sgRNA AAV(sgRNA only, no Cas9 gene) ≥ 1013 vg/ml 25 BD $1,819

* Listed price includes RNA synthesis. For Customized Over-expression AAV, a $0.12/bp gene synthesis fee applies.

* Turnaround time includes plasmid construction and preparation.


AAV packaging services

Custom AAV, delivered to specification:

Medium Scale: ≥ 1012 vg/ml, 1ml

Large Scale: ≥ 1013 vg/ml, 1ml

Free: Control virus

Medium Scale: ≥ 1012 vg/ml, 200 μl

Large Scale: ≥ 1013 vg/ml, 200 μl

Transport/storage Dry ice/-80 ° C, avoid repeated freezing and thawing

Serotypes suitable for different organs (for reference only)

Organ Serotype
Skeletal muscle

Tissue-specific promoter

Organ Promoter name Promoter application Promoter size Promoter species
Nerves hSyn Neuron-specific promoter 471bp human
mecp2 Short neuron-specific promoter 230bp mouse
TUBA1A Early neuron-specific promoter 1.2kb human
c-fos Excitatory neuronal promoter 1.7kb mouse
CaMKⅡa Forebrain glutamatergic neuron specific promoter 1.2kb mouse
hVGAT GABA neuron/interneuron specific promoter 1.8kb human
Slc6a3 Dopamine neuron specific expression promoter 1.2kb mouse
gfaABC1D Astrocyte-specific promoter 681bp human
Iba1 Microglia specific promoter 1.5kb mouse
NSE Neuron-specific promoter 1.3kb mouse
TH Dopamine neuron specific expression promoter 2.5kb rat
GFAP Astrocyte-specific promoter 2.0kb human
GFAP104 Astrocyte-specific promoter 845bp human
ALDH1L1 Astrocyte-specific promoter in thalamus 1.3kb human
Somatostat(SST) GABA Inhibitory Neuronal SST Subtype Specific Promoter 1.2kb human
MBP Oligodendrocyte specific promoter 1.3kb human
CNP Oligodendrocyte or Schwann cell-specific expression promoter 1.5kb mouse
Muscle cTNT Heart specific promoter 0.7kb chicken
aMHC Heart specific promoter 1.3kb mouse
nNkx2.5 Cardiomyocyte early specific promoter 1.2kb mouse
SM22a Smooth muscle specific promoter 0.5kb mouse
MCK Muscle cell-specific promoter 1.3kb mouse
3Xenhancer MCK Muscle cell-specific promoter 728bp mouse
MYOG Myoblast specific promoter 1.4kb mouse
ACTA1 Muscle cell-specific promoter 1.2kb mouse
Blood vessels SM22a Vascular smooth muscle specific promoter 0.45kb mouse
ICAM2 Vascular endothelial specific promoter 0.15kb human
CD68 Monocyte macrophage specific promoter 0.7kb human
F4/80 Macrophage-specific promoter 1.2kb mouse
Liver TBG Liver specific promoter 460bp human
ALB Liver specific promoter 2.4kb mouse
ApoEHCR-hAAT Liver specific promoter 1.3kb human
Pancreas Insulin receptor Pancreatic beta cell specific promoter 0.85kb mouse
PDX1 Pancreatic beta cell specific promoter 1.2kb mouse
Skeleton COL2A1 Chondrocyte-specific promoter 1.2kb mouse
mRUNX2 Osteoblast early specific promoter 1kb mouse
Eye rpe65 Retinal pigment epithelial cell-specific promoter 0.7kb mouse
VMD2 promoter Retinal pigment epithelial cell-specific promoter 0.65kp human
Kidney NPHS1 Kidney specific promoter 1.2kb mouse
Lung SP-C Lung epithelial cell specific 0.3kb mouse
Cuticle K14 Keratinocyte specific expression 1.5kb mouse
Fat FABP4 Adipocyte specific promoter 1.6kb mouse
Endothelium TIE Endothelial cell-specific promoter 1.2kb mouse


- AAV will be shipped in buffer on dry ice.

- Upon receipt, store AAV at -80℃.

- Validity period: 1 year.

- Avoid repeated freezing and thawing to maintain AAV titer

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